Modern, contemporary portraiture is an art form unto itself. It requires an artistic eye and contemporary photography techniques. In the past, photographers used heavily posed subjects and a set of “rules” were followed in order to get shots that were considered “proper”. Today however, modern photo artists utilize techniques that break standard photography rules. These techniques are used to draw out your strengths and capture your personality in a candid way.

“When I am working on portraiture, my goal is to capture shots that will convey the personality of my subject. I believe this is what makes a portrait stand out. With the proper direction and in a comfortable, relaxed setting, I can draw out the subjects uniqueness and capture it on film”
Albert Aguirre, Photographer

Capturing the essence of the subject requires a relaxed setting, exceptional techniques and most of all, a connection between the photographer and the subject. This is the only way to capture candid photos that express the uniqueness of your personality. Without this, your portrait would just be another snapshot.